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Apollo 11

God bless America and the pioneers of yesterday and today who reach beyond imagination and soar into what’s possible!

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Name Change

For those of you who have come to know me via my Facebook Page, “Gigi’s Patisseries,” I’d like to announce a name change to “La Dolce Gigi-Life, with a Healthy Dose of Sprinkles!” In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing an expanded […]

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Go Bananas!

Like most kitchens, ours is rarely without a bunch of bananas in varying stages of ripeness. No matter how large or small a bunch that’s been purchased, it seems there’s always at least one that over ripens before it’s consumed. Rather than […]

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Day 25: Baby’s Got a Brand New Pair of Wheels

My bike is about 10 years old, still rolling on the original tires, slightly nubby, somewhat wide, the kind described as “hybrid” that, supposedly allow the rider to enjoy the best of both riding worlds, either on-road or off-road. The hybrid bike, […]

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Day 23: The Agony of De-Feet!

So, picture this: A soaked, cycling spandex outfitted, silver-haired, not-so-foxy, 60-year old woman, sitting shoeless, under some old oak trees, on an algae and acorn covered sidewalk, at the entrance to a quiet little neighborhood of half million dollar homes. Yes, folks, […]

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The Mystical Macaron

These little gems have been on my must-bake list for a number of years but, to tell the truth, everything I’ve read about making them has been intimidating. Ever since I opened the April/May 2011 issue of Fine Cooking, I’ve been captivated […]

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A Fish Story

I don’t know why I always underestimate the time involved in creating. My latest project started back in November for Chad & Marci’s guest room – slash – home office – slash man cave – slash – fly fishing sanctuary. Just before […]

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Beauty Beneath the Fog

The dawn struggled to emerge, shrouded in a thick, tranquil fog that invited me out for a walk along the swampy borders around the green to capture Florida’s version of winter beauty. Spanish moss draped branches frame the 14th green. Misty morning […]

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Sweet & Spirited “Cellos”

Years ago, Lia Van Wormer shared her recipe for Limoncello with me. I’ve made it almost every Christmas since then, not just with lemons but with oranges (Arancello) and limes and, maybe this year, with grapefruit (Pompelmocello). It’s a fantastic dessert liqueur […]

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