When my sister asked me if I would be interested in recovering the little, antique rocking chair, I said, yes, thinking that it would be a fast and easy undertaking.

We went on a speedy shopping trip to select and purchase the fabric that would provide the rocker’s face-lift, which had been a gift from her mother-in-law just prior to the birth of her first child.

I hadn’t seen the chair in awhile and, in retrospect, had I inspected it before agreeing to tackle the project, I might not be sharing the experience at all. The little rocker had spent its most recent 8 years rocking a total of 3 babies. Needless to say, it was more well-worn than in my mind’s eye.

My sister’s vision for the rocker was bright, cheerful, maybe a little Bohemian, to make it a focal point in its new position in the family’s living room. She selected Waverly’s Santa Maria Desert Flower fabric. The textile’s rich, sandy background is a perfect foil to vibrant, jewel-tone bursts of ruby, hot pink, turquoise, emerald, citron, and sapphire in the Talavera inspired pattern.

After making a 90-mile trek to me, I set about removing the animal print fabric that had been added 8 years previous. I peeled back the the fabric and ribbon trim that had been hot-glued to the frame to discover another layer of green velvet, trimmed with golden soutache braid. Below that was a velvet brocade, nailed and tacked in place.

What was revealed next spoke to the history and age of the chair; remnants of a fourth fabric and layers of cotton batting and horse hair and even straw that lay atop the covering over the metal springs.

New Beginnings!

January 1, 2013

Start already!

January 29, 2014

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