Day 25: Baby’s Got a Brand New Pair of Wheels

My bike is about 10 years old, still rolling on the original tires, slightly nubby, somewhat wide, the kind described as “hybrid” that, supposedly allow the rider to enjoy the best of both riding worlds, either on-road or off-road.

The hybrid bike, at the time, was more reasonably priced than those designed for serious riders and racers and its construction is stable and sturdy, comfortable to control. While the original tires, which now have rolled about 1500 miles, are not showing any concerning wear, Christopher​ recommended switching to the more slick road tires that roll with less friction and, hopefully, a little increased speed.

I decided to take his advice and make the change. Thanks to a tire-changing lesson by Chad​ last week, I was able to make the change (mostly) by myself. Mark​ lent a hand when my two lacked enough strength to make the final stretch onto tire number two’s rim. I’m pretty proud to have accomplished this on my own and am now more confident that I could do it in the field if I find myself stranded. Honestly, if given the choice, circumstance, and enough cash in my pocket, I’d gladly pay someone to do the job!

It was 10:30 by the time I hit the road today, hell-bent on testing out the increased speed theory. I chose the Northern Way loop, which is fairly consistent in grade, offers a more expeditious experience, mostly devoid of serious turns, just a few stop-signed intersections, avoiding the better traveled, commuter preferred throughway of Winter Springs Boulevard.

Eureka! For the first time in my cycling experience, I actually pedaled 10 miles in less than an hour! Not only that, I was able to maintain a more consistent and higher cadence throughout the near, 13-mile ride.

Even though the temp was at 85 when I began, the humidity was a more comfortable 75%. The sun was intense but I felt less stressed overall at completion.

I rolled into the driveway feeling a little more optimistic that I can, eventually, roll more like a racer and less like a plodder.

By the way, baby may have a brand new pair of wheels but she still prefers a new pair of pretty shoes any day of the week!

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