A Fish Story

I don’t know why I always underestimate the time involved in creating.

My latest project started back in November for Chad & Marci’s guest room – slash – home office – slash man cave – slash – fly fishing sanctuary.

Just before Christmas, I finished construction of a coverlet for the comfy new daybed they chose for the perfect addition to the multi-purpose room, designed for work, rest, relaxation, and, of course, guests.

Pillows are in the works. Lots of designing, cutting, stitching, and details to complete a look that’s fun and functional for everyone in the house.

Completion date? Yard-by-yard, piece-by-piece, stitch-by-stitch, getting closer…stay tuned.

3 fish-inspired prints from Spoonflower were chosen to become a daybed coverlet, accent pillows, and pillow shams.

3 sizes of cording for custom piping elements.

Brush fringe for a textural trim.

The fish hook print is a faux suede textile that has an extra wide selvage. Rather than cutting it away as waste, I’ve chosen to use it for one of the custom piping trims.

20 feet of white, faux suede piping…on its way to trim a pair of pillow shams.

Still sewing…all the mundane steps, like finishing seams that no one will ever see, are ones that add time to the clock and, hopefully, durability that will keep things together for a good, long time.

Two fishy prints, two sizes of white, suede cording…details, details, details…another step closer to creative nirvana.

..and sew on…

Boom! Another 15 feet of trim…and sew on…

Placket zippers…

Three down, one to go!

Progress…and sew on and sew forth…

Happy ending to the fish story.

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